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"win any bet, is your best bet"

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#1 Sports Betting Software in America, Odds Jam is Here to Stay

Welcome to Win Any Bet, your ultimate sports betting resource! Have you ever sat there just betting away while crossing your fingers hoping for a good outcome or even dreamed of finding a strategy to beat the bookmakers? If you’re tired of making one deposit after another into your Sportsbook account and just watching your bankroll go down, this is for you. We can help you play and win strategically through robust arbitrage betting strategies.


Stanford University grads Alexander Monahan and company have come up with Odds Jam, the best Sports Betting arbitrage software available; it covers 35+ Sportsbooks, processes 1M+ odds/minute, has 20k daily users, has 10K+ profitable bets/month, and also includes a bundle of tools including Arbitrage alerts to help you level that playing field with US Sportsbooks and capitalizing off of it.




Don't bet with your heart, bet with your head and turn the tables on the sportsbooks!

Who is Alexander Monahan?

Alexander Monahan is a 25-year-old Stanford University graduate who pursued a Wall Street career and eventually built Odds Jam.


What does Arbitrage mean?

Arbitrage is an investment strategy wherein an investor buys and sells an asset simultaneously in different markets, taking advantage of the difference in price and generating a profit. Stock traders use this trading strategy every day and make thousands of dollars.

What Does  Arbitrage Have To Do With Sports Betting?

The basic principle of sports arbitrage betting is about placing bets on both sides of  an event and winning that bet regardless of the outcome. This new Odds Jam software processes over 1,000,000 odds every minute for discrepancies and finds Arbitrage opportunities from over 35 different sportsbooks. You can even get email alerts in real-time and set your arb alert profit percentages. Over 100,000 sports bettors are making big profits with Odds Jam.

How Long Do These Arb Opportunities Last?

Odds are constantly changing, so you have to be quick when jumping on these betting opportunities because they don't last long. You'll also need multiple sportsbook accounts for this to work. Lines change very quickly, which is why having an Arbitrage software like Odds Jam helps sports bettors find these opportunities and cash in on them.


Can't I Just Find Arbs By Myself Without Software?

Finding arbs yourself without the software would require you to monitor many sportsbooks simultaneously. It's almost impossible to do so with consistency.

How Do Sportsbooks Allow Arbitrage To Happen?

It's impossible for all sportsbooks to have the same odds, and the reason is that they are all trying to balance their books to make money. That's where the differences in odds and arbitrage opportunities come in.


With Odds Jam, you will be mathematically equipped to start making some serious profits if you are willing to put the time and the work in.

What Else Does Odds Jam Offer Besides Arbitrage?

Besides sports arbitrage, Odds Jam has a full suite of betting tools from bet tracking to a range of calculators, including Arbitrage, EV, Freeplay, fair odds, No-Vig, odds converter, Parlay & Vig Calculators. Odds Jam provides another all-star feature that allows you to pick a sports game, and the software will take you straight to the page where every prop listed by the sportsbooks is accessible to click and compare.

So, Why Isn't Everyone Using Arbitrage Betting If It's So Beneficial?

Because of the lack of awareness, people haven't started sports arbitrage betting in the US on a large scale.

Is Arbitrage Sports Betting Legal?

Sports arbitrage betting is 100% legal. However, although arbitrage betting is legal, bookmakers don't like it at all. Bookmakers believe sports bettors use arbitrage betting to take unfair advantage of the differences in betting odds.

How Many Different Plans Does Odds Jam Have, And How Much Do They Cost?


Odds Jam has the right plan for you, whether you are a budget player or a high-roller. Currently, Odds Jam offers two plans that you can subscribe to either monthly or yearly.

Arbitrage Plan-

If you are a budget player, this is the best plan for you. For $99 per month, you will have access to unlimited arbitrage betting opportunities, middle opportunities, and email alerts in real-time.

Industry Plan-

This plan is more suitable for high rollers and or full-time Sports bettors. For $199 per month, the industry plan will give you access to arbitrage opportunities, value bets, middle opportunities, perfect line odds, and email alerts in real-time.

Both plans offer two free months when paying annually

So depending on your financial situation and or sports betting goals, you can choose the plan that best works for you. You can even start up with a 7-day free trial. Visit for more information.


Let me emphasize that you will need multiple accounts set up at different sportsbooks to make this work. With so much selection of sportsbooks out there, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the right ones.

Here at Win Any Bet, you won't see a list of a million bookmakers being promoted as you see on other sites. We go through an exhaustive procedure and handpick the top sportsbooks with the best bonuses and promotions. We have teamed up with the industry's top sportsbook review experts and will be bringing you links to their websites here in the near future.


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Having a betting plan and sticking to it is of utmost importance to be a successful sports bettor. With so many new bookmakers coming out as of late, it's easy to get lost, overwhelmed & sidetracked trying to scan all of them for the best odds & bonuses. Hence, we have done the research and chosen the Elite Bookmakers along with the best Sports Arbitrage software available for you.

So there you go. If you are ready to start building your bankroll in the right direction, go ahead and take Odds Jam for a spin! for $99/month ($3.30 a day) less than a Starbucks Latte! You'll be well on your way, and speaking of bankroll, do yourself a favor and keep it healthy–don't spend your money trying to buy picks from so-called "Professional Sports Bettors." If they were so good, they would not need to sell advice to amateur sports bettors on the internet. They would have put that knowledge to work and cash in with the bookmakers.

Keep in mind that sports betting is a business, and bookmakers are only here to make a profit. Everyone in the industry is trying to win big, and only you will be able to invest in yourself by going with a proven mathematical strategy that Odds Jam provides instead of just winging it with random bets. While you might not be able to quit your day job just yet, at least you will be able to set yourself apart from the pack that's running into the sports betting world with no plan or strategy and losing their hair. Check out




Don't bet with your heart, bet with your head and turn the tables on the sportsbooks!

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