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How to Use Sports Betting Arbitrage Software


How to Use Sports Betting Arbitrage Software

America's best sports betting arbitrage software will not make you a fortune overnight. Bookmakers are smart, so you will have to outwit them when using this Odds Jam software. Many other sports arbitrage websites advise you to use the arbitrage calculator, as shown here below.



First we have the Odds Jam Arbitrage alert and then the sports arbitrage calculator. The total stake is $350, and the calculator suggests you should bet on these odd amounts- $273.44 on one bet and $76.56 on the second bet to secure a profit.


This is the fastest way that bookmakers will know you are using an arbitrage system. Other websites tell you to round off your bets, which is better than the odd numbers, but you will still get noticed if you're placing bets like $274 and $77. If you plan on being a profitable sports arbitrage bettor for a long time, you have to choose your bets wisely.


An example of a quick and smart way to place your arbitrage bet after you've received the arbitrage alert from Odds Jam would always be to match the (-) odds and bet $100 on the (+) odds.

PointsBet -250

Bet $250

Total payout


FanDuel +400

Bet $100

Total payout


Here at Win Any Bet, we believe that this formula works better: 


Instead of using the arbitrage calculator, you can bet $250 on PointsBet at -250 and $100 on FanDuel at +400. You'll have a total of $350 invested in this bet. You're probably thinking, "good if the +400 hits because I'll get a total of $500.00 back, but if the -250 hits, I'll get back $350.00, which is what I have invested in this bet". Going this route, you will either make a $150.00 profit just off this one bet or break even at worst. This formula seems to work best because of several reasons. 

  1. You aren't betting with odd numbers

  2. You will be able to place the bet quicker than if you tried to use the arbitrage calculator. This will keep you under the bookmakers' radar and make more money in the long run


This example shows + value odds on both sides. You can do multiple things here, but try to avoid the odd numbers shown on the calculator. That way, you can fly under the radar for a long time. You can bet $100 on each side and either break even or make a $40.00 profit off just this one bet. 


You can bet more or less than $100 on each side. This is just an example

FOX Bet +140

BetRivers +100

$100 Bet

Total Payout


$100 Bet

Total Payout


Getting the sports arbitrage software is the first step, but you will still have to stay ahead of the game (no pun intended).

Another downside of using the sports arbitrage calculators is that after plugging in all the numbers for each team, the arb opportunity might not be there anymore since it eats up precious time, and odds are constantly changing.

3 Things you need to be a Successful Sports Arbitrage Gambler

1. Multiple Sportsbook accounts

2. A decent bankroll

3. Odds Jam software

Multiple sportsbook accounts set up is a must for you to make the most out of every arbitrage chance you get You will need a decent bankroll spread throughout multiple sportsbook accounts, so you don't waste time having to deposit funds or risk losing any arbitrage opportunity.

The third thing you will need is the Odds Jam Arbitrage Software. This software will pay for itself after a few bets depending on which plan you choose, and any other bets you place after that will let you enjoy the fruits of your investment.

This is not to say that you will sometimes run into placing one bet and end up losing the arbitrage opportunity while placing the second bet. You will have a few options. You either let the first bet run and take the associated risk or place the subsequent bet anyway and make a slight guaranteed loss which you will make up on the next arb.

Depending on the sportsbook, you might have the option to withdraw your first bet if you see the arbitrage opportunity isn't there on your second bet. Try not to do this too often because you'll end up on the sportsbooks radar.


To reduce the chance of arbitrage opportunities not being there on your second bet, you can team up with a buddy or start a sports arbitrage team. You can then try to place both bets simultaneously, which will also help you fly under the radar.

You and your team will have to share the profits. To lower the risk of the arbitrage opportunity not being there, make sure all your accounts are funded. As soon as you get the arbitrage alert, you will be able to go straight to placing the bets instead of wasting time depositing into your Sportsbook account.

One thing you can do as a sports arbitrage bettor is to avoid max betting. It would help if you also threw some parlay bets here and there with long odds so that you may appear as a recreational bettor.

Sports arbitrage is 100% legal, but bookmakers DON'T like arbers because sports betting is a business, and sports arbitrage gamblers cost the industry money. Bookmakers don't want long-term winners. Sports arbitrage betting is complicated to do manually. Investing in software like Odds Jam is vital if you are ready to turn the tables on the sportsbooks and start making some money.




Don't bet with your heart, bet with your head and turn the tables on the sportsbooks!



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